Thursday, August 23, 2012

Broken toes...

I wanted to draw a quick sketch and Photoshop of what my life is like on any given day.  I have three kids (two in college ~ going to MU).  My youngest is 13...
The last number of months have been quite crazy... actually every day is an adventure in our home.  I wouldn't change it for the world!   It makes for some great stories and some wonderful ideas on what to draw.
Why did I draw this?   I just got my two oldest set up and in college... My youngest was going to school on Monday.  I had TWO days off at my "other" job ~~  I was really looking forward to drawing DRAWING DRAWING  >>>  no kids home.  Just the dog and I with the house to myself and quite.   
My youngest went to a neighbors on Sunday and played with some friends and broke her toe on a wall.  Monday and Tuesday were filled with doctor appointments and a thirteen year old hurt, upset and complaining.  Yes, I understand it is JUST a TOE...  What can the doctors really do?  AND besides life can be sooo much worse!!  I understand all of that...  I really do... Sometimes it's the every day things that keep coming into a typical family that we forget about that makes families so fun!  I enjoy all my moments with my family!  Even broken toes.

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